1. Introduction - What is XEO?

XEO is an FPS game that is a GameFi 2.0 project of Oasis of Universe Company.

About Oasis of Universe: Oasis of Universe, as a blockchain and game studio operating since 2018, is a project that enables the integration of technological trends such as Web3 and GameFi (Game Finance) into the gaming industry. The company produces innovative projects by building bridges between blockchain technology and the gaming industry.

XEO, the first project of Oasis of Universe, provides an ecosystem for Web3 game projects, providing various advantages to players and crypto investors. The basic philosophy behind the project is to offer players and investors more control and freedom by moving the game world to a decentralized structure.

XEO: It has a tournament reward system that rewards talent. It aims to bring the traditional FPS player to web3.

XEO has a tournament system that allows the rewards created by players to be distributed among talented users. It achieves this through the daily, weekly and monthly award-winning tournaments it creates. It also has a system that rewards Free Users.

XEO adds a large portion of the revenue it receives from sponsors to the rewards in the tournament system through sponsorable tournaments and in-game marketing tools. In this way, it has a system that protects and rewards the user.

With its extraordinary marketing strategy and tournament logic, it reduces the use of the Reward Pool and turns into a deflationary structure.

XEO has therefore truly brought the meaning of GameFi 2.0 to web3.

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