12. Team

The XEO team is a collective of experts and creative individuals in their respective fields, coming together as a family. As we craft Oasis of Universe, we view each member's passion and expertise as the cornerstone of our project. This team is dedicated to giving their utmost for the success of the Oasis of Universe project.

Leading our team is Tunahan Ihtiyar, the Creative Art Director and Co-Founder. As the mastermind behind the enchanting visuals that make your experience extraordinary, Tunahan brings forth numerous intricate details to make the visual aspect of XEO captivating.

Emre Kaba, the Chief Marketing Officer and Co-Founder, steers the project's strategic direction. His prowess in promotion, communication, and marketing amplifies the voice of XEO globally.

Arifcan Balta, the Head of Software Development, leads our development team, focusing on creating a unique experience where game mechanics are executed to perfection.

Yasin Onur Yücel, our Lead Blockchain Developer, pioneers the integration of blockchain technology, ensuring that it blends seamlessly with our gaming experience.

Managing the project's operational aspect as the Business Manager, Doğukan Ediş ensures a smooth progression by fortifying team synergy. Uğur Akyürek, a versatile professional with a rich background as a Composer, Music Producer, Film Maker, Owner of Fikir Fabrikası, and Co-Founder of Jingle Cave, brings his multifaceted expertise to the XEO project. He comprehends the pivotal role of music and sound effects in crafting a captivating experience, infusing the project's audio dimension with a profound appreciation for its intricacies. With a blend of creativity and sensitivity in the realm of sound, he ensures that XEO's audio experience is truly unforgettable.

Av. İbrahim Yıldız, as the Legal Operations Director, fortifies the legal framework of the project, ensuring its sustainability.

Hasan Mumcu now serves as the Executive Assistant & Lead Community Manager, leveraging his extensive experience to guide the community management team and assist the executive operations with unmatched dedication.

Umut Sezyer joins us as the Community Manager, dedicated to nurturing the XEO family and amplifying the voices of our players, thereby strengthening the foundation of our project.

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