8. Game Economy

Oasis of Universe, which dreams of establishing an ecosystem with its own science fiction universe and the blockchain world, aims to provide users with a fun time.

At the same time, Oasis of Universe must establish the plan that will sustain the ecosystem so precisely that the project is also user-friendly.

For this reason, XEO Game Economy has been prepared with great care.

The XEO game economy operates in tandem with players and sponsors. While the in-game economy moves within the marketplace, XEO also designs an economic cycle through sponsorship agreements backed by Oasis of Universe, benefiting players.

The XEO GameFi 2.0 FPS game will be published by Oasis of Universe. This means: XEO will launch via the Oasis of Universe Game Launcher. Therefore, the additional revenues generated through the Oasis of Universe Game Launcher will be used in the PR & Marketing activities of the XEO game, if desired.

XEO Tournaments: Entry to Daily, Weekly, Monthly, and Special Tournaments is provided with XEO Tickets. (Additionally, Tournament tickets can be earned through in-game missions and social media tasks.) XEO Tickets have different values. You are ranked according to the value of the Ticket you own and receive the reward from your Ticket Pool.

Example: Let's consider Daily Tournament entry tickets as 10 XEO, 50 XEO, 100 XEO tokens. This means 3 separate 'Daily Tournament Pools'. Users register with the leaderboard of the ticket they purchased. When the time is up, the Smart Contract distributes rewards to the winners based on the ranking on the leaderboard.

XEO also has a Main Tournament model that lasts for 3 months. Participation in the Main Tournament model is free. It is distributed automatically to all players. (The rewards of this model cover 5% of Market purchases. And it is distributed to players at the end of the Tournament.)

XEO Reward Scale: XEO Tournaments distribute rewards pools between 30% - 50%. As the community grows, the reward pool and the number of people to receive rewards are directly proportional. External rewards: A portion of sponsorship revenues will be shared with players. Through PR&Marketing activities; various variations of rewards such as Tournament Tickets, Item NFTs (Legend, Limited, etc.) will be distributed to users.

Reward Pool Usage:

The Reward Pool adds extra rewards to the formed tournament pools. In addition to the collected pool, the Reward Pool adds: 5% to Daily tournaments 10% to Weekly Tournaments 15% bonus XEO token reward to Monthly Tournaments.

About XEO Tickets and Contracts:

They can be sold on Secondary Markets. Some contracts may be time-limited and will be destroyed if not used in time. For example, event participants for marketing campaigns may receive tournament tickets valid for one week. These tickets self-destruct if not used within a week.

Active Contract NFTs:

Apart from Tournaments in XEO, there are Active Contract Tickets that you can use for each match. These Active Contracts will be in different forms such as Most Kills, Most Headshots, Least Deaths, Most Mission Completions, etc.

The maximum number of Active Contracts you can use in a match is 4. Active Contracts are activated in a game when at least two different players activate the same contract. Unused active contracts are refunded to the owner at the end of the match.

XEO Token Stake Rewards:

XEO tokens are locked in player accounts, and through this locking, players qualify for certain rewards or privileges.

By staking:

  • Tournament Tickets

  • Items

  • NFTs can be earned.

  • Some features will only be valid in the Stake feature.

  • The size of the reward will increase according to the stake periods.

Example 1: Stake 500 XEO tokens for 1 month to receive a limited edition weapon or costume. Example 2: Stake 1000 XEO tokens for 1 month to receive 5 Grand Tournament Tickets. Example 3: Stake 5000 XEO tokens for 1 month to receive an 'Honor Badge' (This 'Honor Badge' is a permanent profile frame that remains as long as you stake the tokens, comparable to animated frames such as diamonds, gold, platinum in-game entries.)

Items in XEO:

XEO Items: Limited Edition & Legendary Guns, Skins, Runes, other NFTs; and Tournament Tickets

XEO sellable items can be earned through various methods.

  • Purchase from the Market.

  • Winning through raffles.

  • Winning through achievements.

  • Winning by locking tokens.

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