8.3. XEO ArtHouse

XEO ArtHouse is an Oasis of Universe project where artists can participate. Its goal is to offer a profit policy to everyone who rewards talent and supports development. A portion of the produced and released works will be sent directly to individuals and institutions related to the projects. Some will be spent on investors, and some will be spent on the growth of XEO ArtHouse.

Oasis of Universe will create an area called ArtHouse on social media channels and in the Game Marketplace to bring all artists together and showcase valuable works of art. The works of artists who have earned the right to participate in XEO ArtHouse are made available for sale in the Marketplace by NFTs.

What Projects Does ArtHouse Do?

  • It can sell assets created in the secondary marketplace for designers by providing a portal for XEO Game.

  • It carries out projects for Social Responsibility Projects and donates its revenues to charities.

  • Item competitions (Weapons, Characters, etc.).

  • Meme NFT competitions.

The works exhibited within ArtHouse are put up for voting. Works that receive enough votes and comply with Oasis of Universe policies are turned into NFTs. The revenue from NFTs, which will be sold by fixed or open auction depending on the project and activity type, will be transferred to both the designer and the project concerned. Each project pays the work owner and project subject with different percentage rates.

For example, the work owner has a profit share of 30% in a social responsibility project, while he has a profit share of 50% in a design competition.

The owner of the work that is purchased within the ArtHouse can use the privileges of the NFT or sell it.

ArtHouse NFTs

They can be either disposable NFTs or long-term benefit-providing NFTs.

For example, a MEME NFT with the right to a 1-season XEO PASS or an NFT that grants the right to become a long-term Trader.

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