2. Problem Statement and Solutions

The findings that our experience and research in the GameFi industry show us:

  • Lack of games with visually high-quality graphics.

  • There is no game with a fair reward system in the industry.

  • It's not a game that rewards talent.

  • Sales-oriented projects skip the entertainment element.

  • Unreasonable Reward Pool distribution of GameFi projects.

  • Bad game interface.

  • Security

As a result of these and similar findings, XEO has created a game that meets the needs of GameFi2.0.

XEO has created a system where you can earn rewards while having fun, which is passed on to sponsors and players. In addition, XEO combines its own reward system into a reward pool system that will continue in parallel with the number of players and player spending.

XEO prize pools; Supports with sponsors and market revenues. In this way, it has a deflationary structure. Reward Pool in XEO; distributes it in the correct proportion according to the Company's income, not according to a certain algorithm. (Example: When players purchase tickets to participate in Tournaments, XEO Reward Pool adds Bonus to the collected Tournament prize.)

Visibility is a significant issue for crypto games, as there is no globally adopted title yet. XEO can increase visibility by partnering with gaming influencers, game streaming platforms, and e-sport organizations. Providing educational resources such as tutorials, guides, and FAQs, and offering incentives and rewards can also help onboard players.

The complexity of crypto-games is another challenge. Many players lack an understanding of in-game mechanics and interfaces. To reduce complexity, XEO should build user-friendly interfaces, onboard players with familiar game clients, offer traditional game-like screens, and provide educational resources.

XEO can address this by cross-checking game-client data with smart contract parameters. If the data is not aligned, XEO will not provide XEO tokens, thereby avoiding hacks. Cross-checking data between smart contracts can also validate actions after the game, such as receiving the XEO token, further ensuring security and fair play.

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