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5. Story of XEO

The universe was in turmoil. The Great War had left most civilizations in ruins, and the surviving ones were struggling to maintain their existence. Amidst all this chaos, the Oasis of Universe stood as a symbol of hope for all lifeforms. It represented the largest community of life after the great war, including the Earth, the galaxy, and other known life forms. But the story of Oasis of Universe was not a happy one.
It all began with the Xeo race, the most advanced group of the Rena galaxy living in the Xemtu universe. Their planet was about to devour itself from the gravitational force, and they sought refuge to protect the lives of their people. But their asylum request was denied, and they were declared a threat by other civilizations. The Xeo's declared war on the entire universe, leading to the extinction of 70% of all known civilizations living in the universe.
The surviving Xeo's had to live in hiding and in disguise, as the largest surviving civilization, PA, enacted the law to capture and destroy all Xeo. The daughter of the surviving King of the Xeo race, Egesta, now called Xeo, issued a threat message that the war is not over yet, that only the Xeo race will survive, bringing the end of all civilizations.
The Xeo's were once a docile and cooperative society, but the Great War had turned them into a ruthless one. An opportunity arose for Egesta, as the survivors embarked on the longest and most clever plan the universe had ever seen to return.
They saw that Earth could be a threat 1000 years later with technology, and the son of the PA king, LUT, wanted to stop this situation before it became a major threat. He took power by capturing his father, the King, in order to destroy the Earth. For this reason, XEO secretly contacted Alsor, the King's son, and said that he could find him on Earth and kill him, as only if his son Alsor died on Earth could he wake up with his own identity and stop LUT.
The situation became chaotic as Lot, who did not love his brother, had to find Alsor on Earth and take him under his protection, while XEO had to find Alsor and kill him so he could wake up from God's Fun. The tense environment and the shrinking time brought an inevitable chaos to the borders of the Earth with the approach of the Great War.
Now, the fate of Earth and the universe hangs in the balance as the survivors of the Great War battle for supremacy. The Oasis of Universe, once a symbol of hope, now represents the greatest threat to all lifeforms. Will the surviving civilizations band together to stop the Xeo race, or will they succumb to their ruthless tactics and bring about the end of all civilizations? Only time will tell.
Oasis of Universe combines all its projects in one story. We have turned the whole story into a text-based game for you to understand the story of the universe better. It has taken its place in IOS and Android stores, and you can access and download the game using the following links: AndroidApple App Store