5. Story of XEO

The 450-page story of Oasis of Universe; Written by Emre Kaba. Later, when Tunahan İhtiyar wanted to integrate the story into the gaming industry, the story of 'Oasis of Universe' also started to serve in the GameFi industry. Considering that the story is science fiction themed and the GameFi industry is innovative, this move is quite significant.

A text-based game was first made with this story. This game was made for a better understanding of the Oasis of Universe.

Later, GameFi 2.0 project XEO was made. XEO covers 10% of the Oasis of Universe story.

The aim of Oasis of Universe is to divide its story into different games that it produces within itself, and to enable the story to be experienced in different games.

The Oasis of Universe represents the largest known community of life in the infinity of the universe, following the great war. This encompasses a Sanctuary including the Earth you are on, your galaxy, and other known life forms. The Oasis of Universe can be considered the broadest circle of life known, including parallel galaxies and many other beings. As for how the name Oasis of Universe came about... The Xeo race, the most advanced community of the Rena galaxy in the Xemtu universe, was facing extinction over time. As the Xeos faced the threat of being engulfed by the gravitational force of their planets, they sent out a call for help to other life forms and requested refuge to preserve the lives of their people. But there was a problem. The XEOs were not aggressive. They feared them because they were the most advanced civilization. This was seen as an opportunity by other civilizations and life forms, and their requests for asylum were denied. They believed that this would create a new balance policy as it would completely change the power dynamics. If the Xeos were to perish, the remaining civilizations would be roughly equal. But that's not how it turned out. Because a race with nothing to lose could have a lot to gain. The Xeos declared war on the entire universe. It was such a war that most civilizations disappeared without being recorded in their histories. This extinction was so great that it led to the disappearance of 70% of all known civilizations in the universe. The Xeos also experienced a great extinction. A handful of people now had to live hiding and disguising themselves. Because the PA, the largest surviving civilization, assumed a position of power throughout the universe and enacted a law to capture and destroy all Xeos. Xeos were not granted the right to live on any surface; they were killed on sight. Egesta, the surviving Princess of the Xeo race—who was now referred to as Xeo—looked at the emerging destruction and sent a message to all surviving civilizations in the universe. "I will not stop until this extinction is complete. All the planets you live on now belong to Oasis of Universe," she said, issuing a threat message that the war was not over yet and that only the Xeo race would survive, bringing an end to all civilizations. Up until the great war, the Xeos were the most docile, cooperative, and helpful community in history. But the selfishness and arrogance of other life forms had turned them into a ruthless society. While the survivors implemented the longest and most intelligent plan the universe had ever seen to return, Egesta, or Xeo, found an opportunity. Research revealed that a planet called Earth, created as an artificial universe by PA for teleportation studies, could pose a threat along with technology after 1000 years. Earth was turning into a colonial and morally bankrupt ruthless universe in simulations. LUT, the son of the PA king, wanted to stop this from becoming a major threat. Because due to the time difference, seven years on Earth equaled one day in PA. The threat was closer than expected. Therefore, LUT took over the rule by imprisoning his father, the King, to prevent Earth from being destroyed. In fact, ALSOR, the king's eldest son and the rightful successor, was absent because he had joined the God's Entertainment. God's Entertainment was one of the greatest hobbies of advanced civilizations. Berga, who was in charge of the command center belonging to PA underground and served high-status individuals in PA with God's Entertainment, was in charge. God's Entertainment was exactly this: Your body would be placed in a womb located deep within Nervus, providing symbiotic form transfer, and your consciousness would be transferred to a newborn body on Earth. You would wake up as a child and experience your life until you died. Because life on Earth was equivalent to seven years for one day in PA, and life forms on Earth lived on average between 60-80 years, it appeared as a short vacation for PA life forms. When you died on Earth, you would wake up again in Berga's temple, and the experiences you had lived through would remain with you as profit. This experience sometimes led to emotional voids, but experiencing more than one life was invaluable, so no one hesitated to try. It was at this point, during LUT's attempt to destroy Earth, that ALSOR was in God's Entertainment on Earth. Learning that the PA King was captive, XEO secretly contacted him and said he could find and kill ALSOR, his son, in Earth. Because only his son, ALSOR, could wake up with his own identity and stop LUT if he died on Earth. Since LUT knew his brother was in God's Entertainment on Earth, the situation ironically changed. LUT, who didn't like his brother, had to find and protect ALSOR on Earth. XEO, on the other hand, had to find and kill ALSOR so he could wake up from God's Entertainment. The tense atmosphere and the narrowing time were bringing an inevitable chaos to the limits of Earth as the Great War approached.

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