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6. XEO Game - Details

"XEO" begins with players choosing their team and customizing their character with various weapons, runes, and abilities. Once they enter the map, they are faced with various objectives and challenges to complete, each more intense than the last. Whether battling against other players or completing on-map challenges, players must work together and use their skills and strategy to emerge victorious.
As players progress through the game, they can earn rewards and unlock new content, such as additional weapons and abilities. They can also visit the integrated marketplace to purchase in-game items and participate in limited-time offers.
The ultimate goal of "XEO" is to be the first team to complete all objectives and emerge as the winners. But with so many challenges and enemies to face. Players must rely on their teamwork and strategic thinking to survive and emerge victorious in the “XEO.” However, to further demonstrate, the game flow will be as follows:
  • At the beginning of the game, 8 teams are automatically organized as 4 players.
  • 32 people spawn on the map only with pistols.
  • Players loot the equipment on the map.
  • Players earn various XP with each kill done.
  • There are mini-missions in the game to earn external XP. Each completed mission grants additional XP.
  • The game ends when the first team reaches 150 kills or 15 minutes pass.
  • All XP points earned in the game are printed as individual scores.
  • XEO Tokens are sent from Win Treasure to the top 3 teams and MVP player’s dashboard. These rewards can be collected anytime players want.
  • Every week rewards are distributed from the Pool Treasure.
  • Progressive rewards are distributed from Main Treasure every 3 months after the season ends.
  • Ranking with XP earned by performing Daily Challenges is rewarded at the end of the season.