8.4. XEO ArtFi

XEO has been developed using blockchain technology to enable users to easily buy and sell their digital assets and products. XEO Marketplace offers three different categories of service: In-Game Store, Secondary Marketplace, and ArtHouse Auction.

In-Game Store

The In-Game Store is the category that includes all products sold by XEO. It offers many items such as XEO Pass, Runes, Clan NFTs, Merchant NFTs, and promotional products. Users can easily purchase these products through XEO Marketplace.

Secondary Marketplace

The Secondary Marketplace category is a general sales platform where players can sell their own items. Various digital assets such as Items, ArtHouse NFTs, Social Responsibility NFTs, and Meme NFTs are listed in this category. Users can sell their own digital assets on this platform. However, to become a seller, one must possess Merchant NFTs.

  • One must possess a Merchant NFT to become a seller in the Secondary Marketplace.

  • Merchant NFTs come in 3 series: Series A, Series B, and Series C.

ArtHouse - (Auction, NFT Minting, ArtHouse)

The ArtHouse Auction category is a platform where items, NFTs, or products are sold through auction. It also has an NFT minting area for any organization or project.

In this category:

  • XEO can sell an item or an NFT with special privileges through an auction.

  • Users can participate in the auction to purchase digital assets.

  • NFTs can be minted.

  • Merchants can place an order for custom-made products from artists.

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