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8.6. Contract Classes

The contracts are tickets that allow players to take or create quests with other users. Three different contract models are Daily Contract, Mission Contract and Challenge Contract.

Daily Contract

These are contracts that XEO players freely access. It includes daily tasks automatically assigned according to their Level or Elo rankings. Upon completing the tasks within the specified time, users earn extra XP. XP earned does not affect Global Rank.

Mission Contract

In addition to daily tasks, the game includes timed tasks for users who want to do more tasks. These tasks can be purchased from the Marketplace. The XPs obtained by completing the quests do not affect the Global ranking.

Challenge Contracts

These contracts organize challenges only between people who activate the contracts, independent of the order form due to the game. 80% of the revenue from the Challenge Contract class is sent to the winning player, and the remaining 20% is sent to the Contract Treasure.